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Angled Reviews contains articles, how-tos, reviews and stories about fly fishing written by several people. Below you’ll find a sample of each person’s work. If you are interested in writing for Angled Reviews, just Contact us using the contact form. Feel free to submit a sample of your work or a link to your work. We make every effort to use only original content with the exception of articles used with permission from article submission sites.

Suzanne Holding Small TroutSuzanne A.

Suzanne began tying flies when she was around 7 or 8 years old, then waited another 30 years before taking up fly fishing. She’s still surprised when she lands a fish.

Keith holds his latest catchKeith M.

Keith must have trout streams flowing through his veins. On any given weekday during the Steelhead run you can find him somewhere along the Lake Erie coastline in any one of three states. Good luck getting him off the stream.

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2 Responses to “About the Authors”

  • Hello

    I came across your site while browsing the members list at North American Fly Fishing Forum. Followed the link under Suzanne’s membership.
    Just wanted to say a quick hello and let you know about a new niche article directory focusing on Fly Fishing. I just started it a few weeks ago so not alot of articles yet but I’m working on it.
    If any of your authors would like to submit their works we would be happy to have them. Membership, submission, and reprinting are Free.
    Keep up the great work promoting Fly Fishing!!

    Long Loops and Tight Lines

    Dave Bell

  • AdventureBear

    Thanks for stopping by Dave, I’ll check out your site and spread the word. Likewise for authors at your site…I love getting new content on here.