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Beginner Fly Fishing Techniques – How to Cast a Fly Rod thumbnail

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Being able to cast a fly fishing rod is one of the pure joys of fly fishing. It is a skill that requires practice in order to master. But when you get good at it, your casting is fluid and […]

Bamboo Fly Fishing Rods – Fly Fishing Rods as Old as Time thumbnail

Fly Fishing Rods as Old As Time Bamboo fly fishing rods seem to be as old as time. They may in fact be, but for most people reading this, your first recollections of bamboo fly fishing rods probably arise from fishing your grandfather. If your grandfather owned a bamboo fly fishing rod, do you know […]

How to catch a fish that’s not hungry thumbnail

by Dark Water Have you ever played with a house cat by dragging a piece of yarn across the floor in front of it? Since the cat is always has to be “in charge”, he usually lifts his nose and acts like he doesn’t see it. But drag it quickly around the corner and he’ll […]

Dad’s Tackle thumbnail

by Keith M. My brother and I stood out in the hot shed for the last time, looking at our Dad’s old fishing tackle. Everything was still as he’d left it when he passed away. We had known the day would come when we’d split it up between us, but for 10 years I think […]

Why I Fly Fish thumbnail

Fly Fishing requires the right combinations of skill, patience, knowledge and gear. But most of all, I believe that fly fishing requires a true love of spending time in the outdoors. As for my own interest in fly fishing, the seed was planted when I was about seven or eight, with my father teaching me […]

4 Types Of Fishing Rods For the Avid Angler thumbnail

By: Abhishek Agarwal Fishing done either for recreation (as a part of one’s hobby or pastime) or done for a source of living requires the right kind of tool to make profit out of it. Judging by stone inscriptions, fishing rods go back to ancient Egypt, China, Greece and Rome. Prior to widespread availability of […]

Fly Fishing Catch and Release thumbnail

Author: Bob Bastian Once you make the decision that you want to become part off the world of fly fishing, you have to then decide if you are going to keep your catches or release them back into the water safe and sound. Some fishermen keep all the fish they catch, others release all that […]