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How to Select a Fly Rod

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!By Brent Vanderstelt When you choose a fly fishing rod, you will have to use an industry standard system that specifies weight. Fly fishing rods are not weighed in grams. Instead, a 1 to 14 number system is used. It’s […]

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Fishpond Accessories

Fishpond USA began as most good ideas do…conversation between two friends. What began as a conversation while fly fishing in a high beaver pond an a crisp Colorado day, turned into an innovative and fast growing Fly Fishing Products company. Fishpond is rethinking fly fishing accessories from the bottom up with products and accessories that […]

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St. Croix Fly Fishing Rods

St. Croix was founded in 1948 by brothers Bob and Bill Johnson in Unity Wisconsin. Their original product, cedar nets, proved to be too expensive for the average sportsman. Innovation took hold when they cut down a cane rod into three pieces and fitted them together with brass ferrules. A local hardware merchant immediately ordered […]

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G. Loomis Fly Rods

t has been said that Gary Loomis exists because of Salmon and Steelhead. A fanatical angler, Gary was not satisfied with the fly fishing rods available for trying to reign in the Steelhead run on the Kalama River in Washington State. After several years of making his own rods and having success with the fighting […]

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Orvis Fly Rods

Orvis has been making fly rods since 1856, Starting with Bamboo rods made by the founder, Charles F. Orvis. Since then, Orvis has been a pioneer in rod and reel manufacturing with over 150 years of experience making rods. Orvis rods carry an unconditional 25 year guarantee. From their website: Unconditional 25-Year Guarantee. Purchase an […]

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Sage Fly Fishing Rods

Sage Rods are Quality Fly Fishing Rods built for “Maximum Fishability.” Every Sage Rod is Hand Built and carries a lifetime warranty. Sage manufactures performance rods for every level of angler. View their guidelines on proper rod selection: STEP 1 To select the ideal line weight, determine the species you will be pursuing and the […]